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class SomeTests < Test::Unit::TestCase
# called before every single test
def setup
# do something
# called after every single test
def teardown
# do something
# from Test::Unit::Assertions
def test_all_available_assertions
assert true
assert_equal obj1, obj2
assert_not_equal obj1, obj2
assert_same obj1, obj2
assert_not_same obj1, obj2
assert_nil obj
assert_not_nil obj
assert_match regexp, string
assert_no_match regexp, string
assert_in_delta expecting, actual, delta
assert_throws(:something) { throw :something }
assert_raise(ZeroDivisionError) { 1 / 0 }
assert_nothing_raised(ZeroDivisionError) { 1 / 1 }
assert_instance_of String, "hello"
assert_kind_of String, "hello"
assert_respond_to "hello", :length
assert_operator obj1, operator, obj2
assert_send( array, [msg] )# Ensures that executing the method listed in array[1] on the object in array[0] with the parameters of array[2 and up] is true. This one is weird eh?
flunk "test not finished"