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All commands in alphabetical order.

Command Permission Meaning
/f admin factions.admin Set new player as leader of your faction.
/f ahome factions.ahome Teleport a player to their faction's home.
/f announce <message…> factions.announce Send a message to players in your faction.
/f autoclaim [faction] factions.autoclaim Auto-claim land when you walk over wilderness for your faction. Admins can specify other factions and claim for them.
/f autohelp none Show help for all commands.
/f boom [on/off] factions.noboom Toggle peaceful explosions in your faction's territory on or off.
/f bypass factions.bypass Set yourself to bypass faction permission checks.
/f chat Toggle chat modes or specify which channel you want to be in (public, alliance, faction, truce)
/f chatspy factions.chatspy Enable spying on all private chat channels.
/f claim [radius] [faction] factions.claim Claim land for your faction given an optional radius. Admins can specify other factions and claim for them.
/f claimline [direction] [faction] factions.claimline Claim land in a line for your faction given an optional length and direction. Admins can specify other factions and claim for them.
/f config factions.config Set configuration values in the conf.json.
/f convert console only Convert from your current backend to a new backend (JSON). New backends will be added in the future (MYSQL).
/f create factions.create Create a faction with the given name.
/f defaultrole factions.defaultrank Set the default rank new members get when joining your faction.
/f deinvite [name] factions.deinvite Revoke an invite from a player. If no player is defined, it will list all players with pending invites. Click the names to revoke their invite.
/f delwarp factions.setwarp Delete a warp
/f demote factions.promote Demote a player by one rank.
/f desc <description…> factions.description Set your faction's new description.
/f disband factions.disband Disband your faction.
/f fly Fly in your faction's territory. Disabled in combat.
/f help List help pages for things.
/f home factions.home Go to your faction's home.
/f invite factions.invite Invite a player to your faction.
/f join factions.join Join a defined faction.
/f kick factions.kick Kick a player from your faction.
/f leave factions.leave Leave your faction.
/f list factions.list List top Factions by players.
/f lock factions.lock Lock datafiles from being overwritten. Will make anything on the server not get saved.
/f logins factions.monitorlogins Toggle monitoring of logins for your faction.
/f map [on/off] View the faction map of the area around you.
/f mapheight [value] factions.mapheight Set how many lines your /f map will show.
/f mod [name] factions.mod Promote a player in your faction to mod.
/f modifypower factions.modifypower Modify a player's power. The variable adds power to the player's current power.
/f money none Shows help for money commands.
/f money balance [faction] Check a faction's balance. Default is your own faction.
/f money deposit [faction] Deposit money into your faction. Admins can specify other factions and can add money to the specified faction.
/f money ff Transfer money from one faction to another.
/f money fp Transfer money from one faction to a player.
/f money pf Transfer money from one player to a faction.
/f money withdraw [faction] Withdraw money from your faction. Admins can specify any faction and take away money from the faction.
/f open Toggle allowing anyone being able to join the faction.
/f owner [name] factions.owner Set claim ownership for this chunk. Admins can specify a target player.
/f ownerlist factions.ownerlist Get the current owner of the chunk you're in if it's in your faction.
/f peaceful factions.peaceful Set a faction to being peaceful.
/f perm [relation] [action] [access] factions.permissions Manage permissions for your Faction. Example /f perm recruit build deny.
/f permanent factions.permanent Set a faction to permanent status. This will make the faction stay if there are zero members.
/f permanentpower [power] factions.setpermanentpower Set permanent power to a faction.
/f power factions.power Check power of a player. Default is yourself.
/f powerboost <player/faction> factions.powerboost Set powerboost of a player or faction. <player/faction> can be 'f' or 'p' to let the plugin know if you're specifying a player or faction.
/f promote factions.promote Promote a player in your faction by one rank. Will not let you promote them to leader.
/f rel factions.relation Request to change your faction's relationship with a target faction. Relations can be ally, truce, neutral, enemy.
/f reload factions.reload Reload configurations (lang.yml, config.yml, conf.json). This does not reload factions saved data from disk.
/f safeunclaimall [world] factions.managesafezone Safely unclaim all territories in your world. Can specify another world.
/f saveall Force save all factions data to disk.
/f sb factions.scoreboard Toggle the factions scoreboard on or off.
/f sc factions.seechunk See outlines around the border of the chunk you're standing in. No one else can see the outlines.
/f defaultrole factions.defaultrank Set the default role that new members will get when they join your faction.
/f setwarp [password] factions.setwarp Set a warp with an optional password to your location. More information at Password Protected Warps
/f sethome factions.sethome Set your faction's home.
/f setmaxvaults factions.setmaxvaults Set the max vaults a faction can have.
/f show [faction] Show info about a Faction. Default is yours.
/f showinvites factions.showinvites Show pending invites for your faction.
/f status factions.status Show status of all players in your faction.
/f stuck factions.stuck Attempts to teleport you to the nearest wilderness chunk.
/f tag factions.tag Change your faction's tag.
/f title [title] factions.title Set a player's custom title. Will charge them if enabled.
/f togglealliancechat factions.togglealliancechat Toggle ignoring alliance chat.
/f top [page] List top factions by criteria (members, start, power, land, online, money).
/f unclaim [radius] [faction] factions.unclaim Unclaim for your faction. Optionally define the radius. Admins can specify other factions and unclaim their land.
/f unclaimall factions.unclaimall Unclaim all of your faction's land.
/f vault [number] factions.vault Open your faction's vault. If no vault is defined, it will list available vaults.
/f version factions.version Show the version string for FactionsUUID.
/f warp [warp] [password] factions.warp To go a warp, password optional. Opens GUI if no warp defined.
/f warunclaimall factions.managewarzone Unclaim all warzone claims.
/f near factions.near Show nearby faction members
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