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Created by Davide D'Agostino on 2008-01-11.
Copyright 2008 Lipsiasoft s.r.l. All rights reserved.
Released under the MIT license
Lipsiadmin is a new revolutionary admin for your projects.
Is developped by that use it from 1.5 year in production enviroments.
Lipsiadmin is based on Ext Js 2.1 framework (with prototype adapter) works with Rails 2.0.
This admin is for newbie developper but also for experts, is not entirely written in javascript because the aim of developper wose build in a agile way web/site apps so we use extjs in a new intelligent way a mixin of “old” html and new ajax functions, for example ext manage the layout of page, grids, tree and errors, but form are in html code.
Rails 2.0
Haml 2.0
git clone git:// vendor/plugins/lipsiadmin
script/plugin install git://
script/generate lipsiadmin # Generate the base admin
script/generate lipsiadmin_page yourmodel # Generate a "scaffold" for your model
Usage: script/generate lipsiadmin_page ModelName [--with-images||--with-files]
-i, --with-images=image1,image2 Add images to the templates for this model
-l, --with-files=file1,file2 Add files to the templates for this model
See our wiki for more examples and docs
You can see some screenshot here:
LAST CHANGES on 2008-11-11
* Fixed some bugs
* Fixed some bug in the main javascript
* Now lispiadmin is totaly ajax and can manage file uploads
* Added a full localization in the following language (ca, cf, cn, cs, da, de, en, es, fr, it, nl, no, pt, pt, ru, se)
* We do a big refactoring code in ruby code, javascripts, css, views
* Now when you create pages we make routes for you
* Now when you create module project (for permission) for you
* Now lipsiadmin is in haml
* Now is not necessary remove protect_from_forgery
* Refactored login page
* Refactored entire admin, now for example there isn't a lipspiadmin logo ;)
* Added a new PDF generator, we don't need the expensive PRINCEXML, we can use pd4ml
* Added a manifest that show the current routes that are necessary to add
* Added ext-all-debug.js (Was autodetect if env == development)
* Removed menuitems table and added new module project
* Improve Auth System with project modules
* Initial rdoc documentation
* Removed from admin view list to index so we can use cruds
* Improve Admin -> Accounts for add project modules
* Added new class AccessControl (Documented)
* New config file for roles, modules in initializers/access_rules.rb
Edit config/config.yml
Many thanks to: Gabrio, Philippe and many others that help me in find/fix bugs.
Please feel free to fork and make your changes!