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Sass mixins for general use

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Some Sass mixins for your needs

Take what you need!

This repository has some Sass-Mixins for you:

Documentation on how to use each of these can be found in the partials.

General Usage

In general you should include the file mixins.scss in build into your project and use the mixins as suggested in the docs for each mixin.

Install with Bower

You can install the package using Bower. Please run

$ bower install --save-dev sass-mixins

in your project's root directory to install the mixins repository. After that you can require the mixins file within your project.


Please file an issue if you think something could be improved. Please submit Pull Requests when ever possible.

Up the road

  • radial-gradient
  • Mixin that generates grids


Thanks to @Schepp for starting a similar repo.


The MIT License

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