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1.5.0 - 12.05.2016

  • Make sure iframes don't interfere with modal events [fixes #199]
  • Fix jshint issue in modal.js
  • Prevented an extra loop when jQuery is present
  • Improved tabbableElements selector string
  • 9c91b30 Update node modules
  • 300c3ff Fix demo loading in IE8

1.4.1 - 17.07.2015

  • Add missing comma in bower.json
  • Add example for stackable modal

1.4.0 - 08.07.2015

  • Set default height to auto when scroll is prevented
  • Fix CommonJS export in plugin resize
  • Update examples: load async
  • Remove moot version property from bower.json
  • Fix click on modal-close if no hash is present
  • Allow links to surround other html elements
  • Update node modules
  • Add a .npmignore file
  • Add main and style to package.json

1.3.0 - 07.01.2015


  • Rename plugins to be more consistend and generate builds for each

This change might break your existing plugin integrations. In order to fix it, you might want to change the URLs to the stylesheet and JS files of plugins to match the new structure.


  • Add possiblility to add iframes within modal nicely
  • Add possibility to call modal without hashchange
  • Add new builds for all CSS files
  • Gallery: Add possibility to use iframes in slides
  • Add possibility to make modals non-stackable

Bug Fixes

  • Hide the close element to prevent overlay of other elements in IE
  • Remove close handler to unset window
  • Bugfix: Use jQuery to subscribe to events to prevent errors with trigger
  • Fix bug on IE11 with close button and overlay of modal
  • Fix height of gallery if caption and footer are present
  • Prevent scrolling of body when modal is open
  • Use correct error message in on-method, add webkit scroll momentum
  • Fix styling of visual test and center content
  • Fix issues with close button on iOS
  • Remove unused lt IE8 hack for scrollbars: fixes respond.js issues


  • Include a build of the spinner CSS
  • Include a modal--fade by default to the output
  • Update word break property of modal content
  • Make left and right navigation buttons in gallery smaller
  • Set inital scale to 1 in visual tests
  • Use !default variables so that they can be easily overridden
  • Update jQuery to v1.11.1
  • Update node modules to latest version
  • Remove test CSS build from source control

1.2.0 - 19.11.2014

  • Fix IE8 error with HTML5 video plugin
  • Add images to test/ folder
  • Update core effects and only use necessary prefixes
  • Remove non-core effects of the modal (#161)
  • Use * for files to ignore and include in bower.json
  • Sort JSHintRC file alphabetically
  • Move animations into separate SCSS file for better control
  • Keep focus within modal: avoid non visible focusable elements
  • Plugin resize: Only apply image styles if image is present
  • Add note about / in IDs in README
  • Remove unused height declaration from core

1.1.8 - 20.06.2014

  • Use innerHTML instead of innerText in order to add styling rule

1.1.7 - 20.06.2014

  • Add document.createEvent for creating events in oldIE
  • Make _injectStyles compatible with legacy browsers

1.1.6 - 06.06.2014

  • Fix position of close button on small screens
  • Check if activeElement is available in max-width

1.1.5 - 05.06.2014

  • Fix scrolling on touch devices

1.1.4 - 05.06.2014

  • Fix max-width plugin to work on all sizes and listen to resize

1.1.3 - 05.06.2014

  • Call init() if neither requirejs nor NPM is available

1.1.2 - 05.06.2014

  • Modal-Stretch: Don't set height for .modal-content when modal is streched on small devices

1.1.1 - 04.06.2014

  • Listen to events in the AMD callback, not during load time

1.1.0 - 04.06.2014

New features

  • Add different modal animation styles (#51)
  • Register CSSModal as module for AMD (#57)
  • Add function to keep focus in modal when tabbing through (#26)
  • Allow multiple, stackable modals (#20)


  • Use a name for the main component: CSSModal
  • Add gallery thumbnail images to gallery footer
  • Add focus state for close button
  • Better compatiblity for IE8
  • Add polyfill for event.preventDefault to work with IE8
  • Add compatiblity for IE8 (use "bean" library for event handling)
  • Only activate stacked modal if there already is another modal
  • Add HTML5 Shiv for IE8 in visual tests
  • Improve ARIA support
  • Unify close btn on mobile
  • Add error handling to on method to prevent wrong function calls
  • Add option to configure mobile-layout breakpoint
  • Modularize config, core and theme into separate files (#73)
  • Update background transparency image (#67)
  • Rewrite trigger method to use new CustomEvent (#56)
  • Apply all functions directly on the modal-object
  • Rename function _dispatchEvent to trigger
  • Rename function _addEventListener to on
  • Move set and unset of modal in own function
  • Add convenience functions to add and remove classes on elements
  • Add native style momentum scrolling to content area


  • Add folder plugins for extendable modules
  • Add plugin to stretch a modal to 80% of the screen height
  • Implement max width for modal via data attribute
  • Add gallery plugin
  • Add a spinner
  • Add resize plugin
  • Add HTML5 video plugin


  • The user can now load/mock Bean during the runtime
  • Fix jumping of the page on devices with small screens (#32)
  • Update body scrolling behavior: Prevent double scroll bar in FF and Co
  • Remove scrollbars for lt IE9 (#67)
  • Fix close button position
  • Correct handling of aria-hidden with JavaScript
  • Prevent overflow in mobile modals
  • Bugfix: Prevent body jump in Chrome Canary
  • Bugfix: UTF-8 problem in Ruby 1.9.3 (#61)
  • Bugfix: open modal on pageload (#46)
  • Prevent body from scrolling when scrolling in modal on iOS and Android (#31)


  • Add FAQ for questions we get from time to time
  • Update documentation
  • Rename tests directory to test
  • Add better function documentation in JavaScript
  • Update node version to v0.10 when working with Travis
  • Update npm dependencies

1.0.4 - 27.06.2013

  • Remove and add is-active-class properly on modals (#44)
  • Change × for its hex code (\00d7) to avoid causing problems during minification (#43)

1.0.3 - 04.06.2013

  • Rewrite addEventListener polyfill to work with elements other than document
  • Fire an event if page loads with hash (#37)
  • Add string for close button on mobile as data-attribute (#39)

1.0.2 - 21.05.2013

  • Overwrite IE8 hack for IE9 and 10 to get modal working without JS (#33)
  • Minor clean up of Sass and JS

1.0.1 - 10.05.2013

  • Prevent page from jumping when opening a modal (#24)
  • Remove an error when a hash has no HTML element associate (#27)
  • Remove check if modal contains an id on focus - it is not necessary (#25)
  • Rename component.json to bower.json to match new bower spec

1.0.0 - 05.05.2013

  • Initial Release