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DDEV-Local: a local PHP development environment system
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testing updates and fixes for perf test (#389) Jul 10, 2017
vendor Custom host and in-container commands, fixes #1372, fixes #1551 (#1702) Jul 18, 2019
winpkg Allow signed releases for macOS and Windows, fixes #1626 (#1727) Jul 24, 2019
.dockerignore Switching to managing dependencies with govendor. (#142) Sep 29, 2016
.editorconfig We don't need the fancy GOPATH stuff we used to use now with go v1.11 ( Jan 2, 2019
.gitattributes Bump web container version to v1.5.1, add :cached on bgsync mount (#1364 Jan 3, 2019
.gitignore Fix nightly build (again) - gitattributes (#1357) Dec 27, 2018
.golangci.yml Bring in build_tools 2.0 (#1371) Jan 15, 2019 Documentation updates including for Docker Toolbox, fixes #1271 (#1370) Jan 9, 2019
LICENSE Change license from MIT to Apache 2.0 (#422) Aug 2, 2017
Makefile Chocolatey artifacts didn't get uploaded during artifacts build (#1757) Aug 4, 2019 Improve "ddev version" and add --version flag, fixes #960 (#1527) Apr 15, 2019
go.mod Custom host and in-container commands, fixes #1372, fixes #1551 (#1702) Jul 18, 2019
go.sum Custom host and in-container commands, fixes #1372, fixes #1551 (#1702) Jul 18, 2019
nightly_build.mak Fix nightly_build.mak after container name change (#995) Jul 17, 2018


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ddev logo

ddev is an open source tool that makes it simple to get local PHP development environments up and running in minutes. It's powerful and flexible as a result of its per-project environment configurations, which can be extended, version controlled, and shared. In short, ddev aims to allow development teams to use Docker in their workflow without the complexities of bespoke configuration.

Getting Started

  1. Check System Requirements: We support recent versions of macOS, Windows 10, and Linux distributions that will run Docker (ddev requires Docker and docker-compose). (more info here).
  2. Install ddev: Options include macOS homebrew (recommended), an install script, or manual installation.
  3. Choose a CMS Quick Start Guide:

Having trouble? See our support options below. You might have trouble if another local development tool is already using port 80 or 443.

Current Feature List

  • Quickly create multiple local web development environments based on a code repositories.
  • Import database for a project you're working on.
  • Import upload files to match the project (e.g. Drupal's sites/default/files or WordPress's wp-content/uploads).
  • Pantheon integration - grab a Pantheon archive and work locally with the database and files.
  • Run commands within the docker environment using ddev exec.
  • View logs from the web and db containers.
  • Use ddev ssh to explore the linux environment inside the container.
  • List running projects.

Just running ddev will show you all the commands.


If you're having trouble using ddev, please use these resources to get help:

  1. See the ddev Documentation.
  2. Review Stack Overflow DDEV-Local questions and answers (or ask a question there! We get notified when you ask.)
  3. The ddev issue queue may have an issue related to your problem.
  4. For suspected bugs or feature requests, file an issue.
  5. The #ddev channel in Drupal Slack and TYPO3 Slack for interactive, immediate community support


Interested in contributing to ddev? We would love your suggestions, contributions, and help! Please review our Guidelines for Contributing, then create an issue or open a pull request!

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