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# ddev apache solr recipe file
# To use this in your own project: Copy this file to your project's .ddev folder,
# and create the folder path .ddev/solr/conf. Then, copy the solr configuration
# files for your project to .ddev/solr/conf. E.g., using Drupal Search API Solr,
# you would copy the solr-conf/5.x/ contents into .ddev/solr/conf. The configuration
# files must be present before running `ddev start`.
version: '3.6'
solr: # This is the service name used when running ddev commands accepting the --service flag
container_name: ddev-${DDEV_SITENAME}-solr # This is the name of the container. It is recommended to follow the same name convention used in the main docker-compose.yml file.
image: solr:5.4
restart: always
- 8983 # Solr is served from this port inside the container
# These labels ensure this service is discoverable by ddev ${DDEV_SITENAME}
com.ddev.approot: $DDEV_APPROOT $DDEV_URL
- VIRTUAL_HOST=$DDEV_HOSTNAME # This defines the host name the service should be accessible from. This will be sitename.ddev.local
- HTTP_EXPOSE=8983 # This defines the port the service should be accessible from at sitename.ddev.local
- "./solr:/solr-conf" # This exposes a mount to the host system `.ddev/solr-conf` directory.
- solr-precreate
- dev
- /solr-conf
# This links the solr service to the web service defined in the main docker-compose.yml, allowing applications running in the web service to access the solr service at sitename.ddev.local:8983