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@rfay rfay released this Mar 28, 2018 · 487 commits to master since this release


See the instructions but it's easy: macOS Homebrew: brew upgrade ddev. Linux or macOS via script: curl | bash. Or anywhere, including Windows, by just downloading the tarball or zipball and placing the executable in your path where it belongs.

To upgrade to this release with an existing project, please

  • Delete the .ddev/docker-compose.yaml (it will be recreated on start)
  • Delete the "webimage" and "dbimage" lines in .ddev/config.yaml (or delete the whole file if you have no customizations)
  • Remove any custom nginx configuration (you'll need a new one based on current configs, that includes the php status endpoint). See ddev nginx docs and the ddev web container nginx configs
  • ddev rm to shut the project down (you won't lose any database contents)
  • ddev config to update the project's image list
  • ddev start to recreate the containers.

Docker Stable and Edge 18.03.* now seem to work OK with this release

In previous releases we had warned not to use some of the then-current Docker releases. The current Stable and Edge channels (18.03) seem to be working now, but those broke both Windows and Linux versions of ddev and this release fixes the problems Docker introduced.

Key Changes in v0.16.0:

  • xdebug is disabled by default for performance reasons. Please see docs to see how to enable xdebug explicitly. We have seen 6-10X improvement in performance with this change.
  • Fix Windows issue introduced by docker in v18.03 where the ddev-router could not mount the docker socket.
  • Project db settings file (Drupal's settings.local.php, TYPO3's AdditionalConfiguration.php) is created on ddev config instead of on ddev import-db.
  • Web and db containers now run as the same (unprivileged) user as the ddev user whenever possible, solving a variety of problems, including improving security.
  • composer will no longer complain about running as root if it is run as root in the web container.
  • Fix problems introduced in recent Docker Stable channel for Linux users (web container could not start).


fa5a91e Always set DDEV_UID/DDEV_GUID to run web container as host uid, fixes #635, fixes #740 (#745)
b58f43f Documentation updates to address #468, #704, #743 (#752)
b108ac6 Set COMPOSE_CONVERT_WINDOWS_PATHS Windows docker ddev-router failure, fixes #739 (#753)
ed03c1b Disable xdebug by default for 6x speed improvement fixes #664 (#718)
17f9c51 Note Backdrop's quick start. (#744)
ecb42f8 Create settings file when configuring project, fixes #692 (#693)

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