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v1.5.1 is a minor release to resolve a performance regression on macOS; Mostly you should read the v1.5.0 release notes if upgrading from an earlier release.


See the installation instructions for details, but it's easy:

  • macOS Homebrew: brew upgrade ddev
  • Linux or macOS via script:
    curl https://raw.githubusercontent.com/drud/ddev/master/install_ddev.sh | bash
  • Windows: Download the ddev_windows_installer.v1.5.0.exe above.

And anywhere, you can just download the tarball or zipball, untar or unzip it, and place the executable in your path where it belongs.

Key changes in v1.5.1:

  • A macOS performance regression omitted the docker ":cached" attribute in the docker-compose.yaml. (#1361). That cut performance by 40-50% on macOS (only) for normal (non webcache-enabled setups). It probably made no difference if you were using webcache_enabled: true
  • In v1.5.0 php 7.3 did not work with apache. (#1351)

Commits since v1.5.0

e06f3ec Bump web container version to v1.5.1, add :cached on bgsync mount (#1364) 09edff8 Add the cached attribute back into docker-compose mount of project dir for #1352 (#1361)
24f6ee2 Specify files as binary in .gitattributes (#1362)
0a13a19 (20181227_fix_gitattributes) We don't need the fancy GOPATH stuff we used to use now with go v1.11 (#1331)
8121205 Fix nightly build (again) - gitattributes (#1357)
56c8ef7 Fix apache-fpm behavior with php7.3, fixes #1346 (#1351)
a53fd50 Fix unclosed tag (at least the way readthedocs sees it) [skip ci] (#1355)
985d48f Simplify nightly build, build PRs in nightly build, fixes #1165 (#1347)
2ee8d91 Test improvements (#1335)
7b5766d Add release issue template (#1342)