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@rfay rfay released this Apr 8, 2019 · 10 commits to master since this release


See the installation instructions for details, but it's easy:

  • macOS Homebrew and Linux Linuxbrew: brew upgrade ddev
  • Linux or macOS via script:
    curl | bash
  • Windows: Download the ddev_windows_installer.v1.7.1.exe above or with Chocolatey choco install ddev or choco upgrade ddev (or choco install ddev --version=1.7.1 while it's in the approval process.)
    And anywhere, you can just download the tarball or zipball, untar or unzip it, and place the executable in your path where it belongs.

NOTE: Especially to mariadb 10.1 users: If you had to explicitly set the dbcontainer version in your .ddev/config.yaml due to the bug in v1.6.0, please remove that now.

Key changes in v1.7.1:

  • config.*.yaml overrides: local configuration files can be used to override a team-standard checked-in .ddev/config.yaml. See docs. #1504 and #1410.
  • Optional static bind ports for db and webserver containers. Those who want the dbserver or webserver bound port to be static within a project can use host_db_port or host_webserver_port to specify it: #1502, #1491, #941
  • Previous versions of Docker for Mac supported operating systems back to El Capitan, but Docker-for-Mac has dropped support for anything before macOS Sierra 10.12, so ddev also has to drop support for everything before Sierra.
  • The default PHP version changes to 7.2. This affects new Drupal 8 and Drupal 7 projects, as well as projects of type "php".
  • Fix regression in v1.5.0 where mariadb_version = 10.1 did not properly set the container version to the 10.1 container version.
  • The ddev-dbserver images now use the official MariaDB docker image (which uses Debian) as a base, instead of building a custom Alpine image. This should be invisible to all users, but we love to hear feedback.


Many community members helped out with this release.

  • Thanks to @janhelke for PR #1484 - community initiatives are so welcome!
  • Many of you filed issues and helped point out important improvements.
  • Thanks to @akalata for rolling up her sleeves and testing this release!

Commits since v1.6.0

fa0bc13 Bump containers to v1.7.0 (#1511)
9958c90 Minor web container and router container config changes, fixes #1507, fixes #1447 (#1510)
9fb54a4 Static configuration of webserver and dbserver localhost ports, bind only to localhost, fixes #1491, fixes #941, #642 too (#1502)
f12bbe9 Update to build-tools 2.2.1: Golang v1.12.1 and fix GOCACHE (#1508)
aaeaadf Allow config..yml files to override config.yaml, fixes #1410 (#1504)
2ccc3f4 The old bind-mounted db code is now fully obsolete, remove it (#1506)
c39d6bd Change default PHP version from 7.1 to 7.2 (#1497)
e3e30f0 Remove use of import-db directory (#1445)
8fd114c Improve macos buildkite setup instructions [skip ci][ci skip] (#1500)
d94d4bb Remove 4/5 of macOS CircleCI tests (and container build), fixes #1487 (#1498)
7c44904 Regression: mariadb_version should work correctly, but be overridden by DBImage, fixes #1455 (#1494)
671e1b1 Make longer server names possible (#1484)
f0a57dd Increase timeout for db startup, fixes #1477 (#1493)
f03c0f6 Add .mysql* to list of accepted import-db filetypes, fixes #1483 (#1492)
58ecdf1 We no longer have to cleanup the temp dir as it's cleaned up in the mv process, fixes #1457 (#1486)
7ce1ed8 Invalidate homebrew cache with new version (#1480)
ba27311 Fix error in docs about ddev compose-config (#1478)
e7c0133 Move to build-tools 2.2.0 in support of getting ddev to appveyor (#1470)
b39e6f2 Use the official Mariadb image as base for ddev-dbserver (#1476)
fbfb3e9 Fix Windows NFS script when username has spaces, fixes #1452 (#1453)
fe1b8dd Increase version requirement for ddev to macOS Sierra 10.12 since docker has increased theirs (#1467)
23d8d36 Improve curl commands so they fail when they should on build (#1451)

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