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This roadmap for DDEV-Local is intended to answer what we hear from our wonderful community of users. If you have lobbying for a favorite item or think things should be re-prioritized, just lobby in the issue queue. We listen. Or talk to us in any of the support locations.

These items are listed in loose priority order, so you can expect the top items to show up in nearer releases. We regularly fix bugs that are annoying our users, so only new features show up on this list.

We try to flag issues that we definitely intend to get done with the prioritized label. If you think something is super-important, please request that it be marked "prioritized". It doesn't mean it will get tagged, but your vote absolutely counts.

v1.9 (released 2019-06-26):

v1.10 (released 2019-08-02):



v1.13 and beyond

  • Integration with newer versions of DDEV-Live as needed
  • Competitive analysis with similar products both within the spaces we usually work and outside them.
  • Remove obsolete support for drud-aws.
  • Explicit support for additional CMSs, including Sulu, Shopware, Joomla, CraftCMS
  • GUI! again.
  • Explicit support new Docker Desktop on Windows redesign using WSL2
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