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This is the official development roadmap for DDEV-Local.

Upcoming Releases

Future Releases

Please note that the following is akin to fluid intentions that can be moved around and adapted instead of a rigid, waterfall planning approach. Additionally, some of these categories don’t necessarily need to go in sequence and can be pulled in or parallelized. To that end, work on a future milestone may occur at anytime while the overall milestone is kept open to track its overall status.

Current as of 2018-09-12:

  • Improve tests to use created CMS projects
  • Quicksprint
  • Platform plugin integration
  • Performance

It’s also worth noting that we’re also pragmatic regarding other bugs, features, and requests that don’t fit neatly into these milestones or categories. The following is a list of ongoing issues that will be addressed in or around the bigger initiatives:

  • Documentation updates
  • Bugs, regressions, and minor enhancements
  • Escalated client requests
  • Tooling improvements
  • Smaller, one-off features

Previous Releases

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