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Open Source Guide for Contribution Sprints
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DRUD's Open Source Contribution Sprint Guide

How to run a brilliant contribution sprint, brought to you by DRUD Tech and Open Strategy Partners.

Read the The Brilliant Sprint Guide!

What is this?

Advice and consideration to ensure you have a successful contribution sprint.

Who is this for?

This guide is for open source community leaders who are running contribution sprints. You’re a sprint leader and you want to make sure your event is fun and productive.

What is the DDEV Quick Sprint?

We created a turnkey method that bundles all of the files and local development management necessary for a Drupal 8 sprint in a way that does not rely on internet access to work.

Want to contribute?

We would love your suggestions and feedback. To collaborate on the sprint guide, create an issue in this repo or open a pull request.


Creative Commons Attribution 4.0

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