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Apache.sugar for Espresso

Get the picture while reviewing apache configuration files using this sugar for the Espresso text editor.


First install any and all dependencies, listed below. The instructions for doing so can be found on their respective homes.

  1. Clone this project somewhere, with the following:

    git clone git:// ./Apache.sugar

  2. Link it to your syntaxes directory:

    mkdir -p "~/Library/Application Support/Espresso/Sugars/" ln -s "$(pwd)/Apache.sugar" "/Users/$(whoami)/Library/Application Support/Espresso/Sugars/"

  3. Close Espresso and reload, the sugar should be installed and functional.


Simply open a .htaccess, httpd.conf, apache2.conf, file or select the Apache syntax from the View->Language menu.


The content in this sugar is public domain. A mention would be cool someplace if you do use it for anything cool though.


Nicholas 'drudge' Penree