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Basil SDK for Espresso

Easily develop using the Basil web application framework using this sugar for the Espresso text editor.


First install any and all dependencies, listed below. The instructions for doing so can be found on their respective homes.

  1. Clone this project somewhere, with the following:

    git clone git:// ./BasilSDK

  2. Open Basil SDK.xcodeproj and click Build.

  3. Close Espresso and reload, the sugar should be installed and functional.


Access the Basil SDK Actions via the Actions -> Basil submenu.


You can edit the Basil.sugar/TextActions/Actions.xml file to adjust what file the Log Viewer tails. This is only temporary until Espresso has support for accessing project and user storage in project files.


Basil.sugar is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 United States License.


Nicholas 'drudge' Penree