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Latest commit 33ae9dd Jan 20, 2017 @kaijianding kaijianding committed with himanshug streaming version of select query (#3307)
* streaming version of select query

* use columns instead of dimensions and metrics;prepare for valueVector;remove granularity

* respect query limit within historical

* use constant

* fix thread name corrupted bug when using jetty qtp thread rather than processing thread while working with SpecificSegmentQueryRunner

* add some test for scan query

* add scan query document

* fix merge conflicts

* add compactedList resultFormat, this format is better for json ser/der

* respect query timeout

* respect query limit on broker

* use static consts and remove unused code
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src/assembly versioning mysql tarball Feb 28, 2016
pom.xml streaming version of select query (#3307) Jan 19, 2017