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Latest commit af93a8d Jan 20, 2017 @leventov leventov committed with fjy Sequences refactorings and removed unused code (part of #3798) (#3693)
* Removing unused code from package; fix #3563 (more consistent and paranoiac resource handing in Sequences subsystem); Add Sequences.wrap() for DRY in MetricsEmittingQueryRunner, CPUTimeMetricQueryRunner and SpecificSegmentQueryRunner; Catch MissingSegmentsException in SpecificSegmentQueryRunner's method (follow up on #3617)

* Make Sequences.withEffect() execute the effect if the wrapped sequence throws exception from close()

* Fix strange code in MetricsEmittingQueryRunner

* Add comment on why YieldingSequenceBase is used in Sequences.withEffect()

* Use Closer in OrderedMergeSequence and MergeSequence to close multiple yielders