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+# SkyDrive API Wrapper For Yii Framework
+ © 2013 [Spiros Kabasakalis](
+ [The MIT License (MIT)](
+ ![SkyDrive_Yii](
+ A wrapper for basic REST API calls to Microsoft's SkyDrive.
+## Setup.
+- Copy SkyDriveAPI.php class file in protected/extensions/skydrive folder,(or location of your choice).
+- Copy SkyDriveController.php file in protected/controllers folder.
+- Include the [Http Client Library]( by Antonio Ramirez.
+ Copy ehttpclient folder in protected/extensions folder and make sure it is imported properly in _construct function of SkyDriveAPI class.
+- Make sure that SkyDriveAPI class is properly imported in init function of SkyDriveController.
+- Create a [Microsoft Account](,if you don't have one already.
+- Go to [Live Connect Developer Center]( and sign in with your Microsoft account credentials.
+- Select "My Apps" and create one.
+- Get the API Settings for your app,namely Client ID,Client secret,and Redirect domain,and fill in the default values for the following variables
+ in SkyDriveAPI Class : $client_id ,$client_secret and $redirect_uri respectively.The Redirect Domain is the domain that hosts your site.
+##[Authorization code grant flow](
+ - We are implementing the Authorization code grant flow as defined in OAuth2 spec.We include wl.offline_access scope,
+ meaning the user is authorizing the app to interact even when he is offline.This scenario is suitable when you want data returned by
+ the API accessible in the frontend by site visitors who do not have a Microsoft account.To make this possible,you as an admin, go through
+ the Authorization code grant flow only once.You sign in and authorize your app,and get a long lived(one year) refresh token,which
+ you either hard code in your SkyDriveAPI class ( $refresh_token variable) or store in database.All API calls to SkyDrive require a valid access token.
+ The refresh token is used to obtain this short lived access token (one hour) which is stored in session.Every time the access token is unavailable
+ in session or expires in the next 30 seconds, SkyDrive class calls the refreshToken function which renews the access token and stores it in session again.
+ The refreshToken function also returns a new refresh token,so you have the option to replace your stored refresh token
+ with a new one,so this basically makes refresh token immortal,and in theory you will never have to undergo the authorization grant flow
+ ever again and your web app can use the API without asking for any Microsoft credentials or authorization.
+ - SkyDriverController automates the flow described above.You only have to navigate your browser to skydrive/getCode,and the API will return a refresh token,
+ after you sign in with your Microsoft Account credentials and authorize your application.Hard code this refresh token in SKyDriveAPI class ($refresh_token variable),
+ or store it in database as already explained-in that case you will have to modify the controller so that it reads the refresh token from database.
+ ## Usage
+ There are commented examples of SkyDrive API calls in index action of SkyDriveController.Uncomment one every time and test.
+ ##Credits
+ [Http Client for Yii](, a wrapper of Zend Http Client library,by Antonio Ramirez.
+ ##Resources
+ - [SKyDrive](
+ - [SkyDrive API (Live Connect)](
+ - [REST reference (Live Connect)](
+ - [OAuth 2.0 (Live Connect)](
+ - [Microsoft Account](
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