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Badge Format

Strawman example:

 "schema": "https://example.com/badge/1",
 "mustSupport": [],
 "title": "School of Webcraft Responder",
 "description": "This badge is in recognition of the helpful responses you have provided to fellow members of the School of Webcraft.",
 "timestamp": "1288882617",
 "expires": "8462729988",
 "badgeURL": "https://badger.mozilla.com/badges/asdf1234",
 "issuer": "https://badger.mozilla.com/",
 "issuee": [{"type": "email", "id": "thunder@mozilla.com"},
            {"type": "openid", "id": "https://id.sandmill.org/"}],
  "onclick": {"action": "iframe", "url": "http://cc.org/embed/blah.html"}

Key points:

* schema identifies this as a badge
* mustSupport is used for versioning. It is an array of opaque strings which
  specify required support for attributes/concepts by consumers of this badge
  (if not understood the badge should be ignored)
* issuer is the entity issuing the badge, issuee is who it is being issued to.
  They could be the same.
* badgeURL attr is a unique URL for this badge instance. It could be shared
  between multiple issuees--for example, all the members of the winning team of
  a championship could be issued the same badge
* multiple issuees are possible to allow the badge to still be somewhat usable
  in the event that a federated id provider goes down. this needs some more
  thought--that would allow for verification that the issuee exists, but not
  that he/she was actually issued a badge [fixme]
* expires could be used to implement dynamic badges, by requiring a refresh of
  the badge. it could also be used to represent time-limited knowledge--e.g. you
  know html5 really well now, but in 3 years maybe that's not true
* onclick is so we can specify things like "open an iframe to X" or "go to X
  URL" when clicked. [needs work]