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#!/usr/bin/env python
# created by
# Batch upload photos post event, if there was no internet connection at the event
# Note, there are limits to how often/much you can upload to Tumblr via their API.
# If you have issues, try to upload in smaller batches or less frequently.
import argparse
import os
import glob
import stat
import sys
import time
import pytumblr #
import config # this is the config file
# global variables
delay = 1 # delay between uploads. Don't abuse the Tumblr server.
# Setup the tumblr OAuth Client
client = pytumblr.TumblrRestClient(
def main():
if config.make_gifs:
files = glob.glob(config.file_path + '*.gif')
files.sort() # organize the list
for f in files:
files = glob.glob(config.file_path + '*.jpg')
files.sort() # organize the list
previous_group = "0000-00-00-00-00-00" # used to not duplicate groups
for f in files:
current_group = f[len(config.file_path):]
current_group = current_group[:19]
if (current_group != previous_group): # remove duplicates
uploadMultiple(current_group) #upload a group of pics
print "Uploaded: " + current_group
previous_group = current_group # remember for next time through loop
print "Completed uploading pics"
def uploadOne(pic):
while True:
file_to_upload = pic
print "Uploading " + file_to_upload
client.create_photo(config.tumblr_blog, state="published", tags=[config.tagsForTumblr], data=file_to_upload)
time.sleep(delay) # wait a bit
# cmd = "mv " + file_to_upload + " " + config.file_path + "/batch_uploaded"
# os.system(cmd) # once uploaded, move to sub directory
except ValueError:
print pic + " not uploaded. Error."
def uploadMultiple(group_name):
while True:
# create an array and populate with file paths to our jpgs
myJpgs=[0 for i in range(4)]
for i in range(4):
myJpgs[i]=config.file_path + group_name + "-0" + str(i+1) + ".jpg"
# upload files into one post
client.create_photo(config.tumblr_blog, state="published", tags=[config.tagsForTumblr], format="markdown", data=myJpgs)
# wait a bit
except ValueError:
print group_name + " not uploaded. Error."
print 'Batch Upload Start'
# run the main program