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REFERENCE Doxygen documentation bug tracker
~/.config/openmw config and logs
~/.local/share/openmw/saves save games
~/.local/share/openmw screenshots
~/.local/share/openmw/data data and mods
--help help
--skip-menu skip the startup menu, good for quick startup when debugging
--no-grab don't grab mouse cursor (good for debugging with GDB)
--load-savegame filepath load game from given file
--activate-dist=value override the distance the player can activate objects at
setxkbmap -layout us <- run in terminal before running Morrowind to make console work
setxkbmap -layout cz <- set the keyboard layout back
F3 (press multiple times) profiler
F4 resource info
complete list:
aitravel x y z make NPC go (move) to given position
additem id count add item
coc cellname teleport (center on cell)
"molag mar"
"seyda neen"
"Vivec, Telvanni Underworks" (interior water)
"Nimawia Grotto" (interior water)
"Karthgad" (SHOTN mod - Skyrim)
"Mournhold, Great Bazaar"
"Fort Frostmoth" (Solstheim)
"Bamz-Amschend, Hearthfire Hall" (under Mournhold)
coe x y teleport (center on exterior) to given cell coordinates
x cell x (-27 to 22)
y cell y (-15 to 27)
changeweather region type change weather in given region (takes some time to take effect, try rest for 1H)
region: type:
"Bitter Coast Region" (southwest) 0 (clear)
"Red Mountain Region" (middle) 1 (cloudy)
"Ascadian Isles Region" (south) 2 (foggy)
"Ashlands Region" (around middle) 3 (overcast)
"Azura's Coast Region" (east) 4 (rain)
"Grazelands Region" (northeast) 5 (thunder)
"Molag Amur Region" (sotheast) 6 (ash)
"Sheogorad Region" (north) 7 (blight)
"West Gash" (northwest) 8 (snow)
9 (blizzard)
getpos C get position (C is coordinate, i.e. X, Y or Z)
sethealth 0 kill target (select with mouse when console is open)
setwaterlevel x set water level to x (only for interior cells)
set gamehour to x set time of day to given hour
set timescale to x set the day/night cycle speed (default is 1.0)
showscenegraph export scene graph into file
togglewireframe wireframe rendering
player->additem gold_100 1000 add 1000 gold (money)
player->setspeed x set player's speed to x (200 - normal, 1000 - super fast)
player->setflying bool make player fly (bool = 1 yes, 2 no)
tcb toggle collision boxes (display collisions)
tcl toggle collisions
tfow reveal whole map (toggle fog of war)
tgm toggle god mode (invulnerability)
tpg toggle path grid (display NPC paths)
unlock unlock target (select with mouse when console is open)
changeweather "Bitter Coast Region" 4
aitravel player->getpos x, player->getpos y, player->getpos z
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