A Cross-Platform Music Notation Library in Swift
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Music Notation Kit (WIP)

A Music Notation Library in Swift

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This library will have a rendering engine for music notation as well as the ability to export and import different file formats, such as MusicXML and a binary format. Also, it will most likely help with some form of MIDI playback.

There is a separate repo that this project depends on that is completely cross-platform called MusicNotationCore. It has the data layer and most of the main functionality.

Please consult this Swift style guide for coding style guidelines used in this repo and be sure to adhere to them.

There is a Slack channel you can join if you want to see more into the development process at Music Notation Swift Slack.

Contributions welcome!



This library is under the GPLv3 license. If you would like to use this library for commercial use, please contact Kyle Sherman for commercial license information