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A wearable controller platform

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  1. Sensorizer-DrumPants-Firmware Sensorizer-DrumPants-Firmware Public

    An Arduino library for converting analog sensor readings into musical MIDI notes. Heart of the DrumPants wearable controller.

    C++ 9

  2. DrumPants-Bluetooth-LE-Firmware DrumPants-Bluetooth-LE-Firmware Public

    A MIDI over Bluetooth LE device for the Broadcom WICED BCM2073X module. Used in the DrumPants wearable musical instrument.

    C 9 2

  3. DrumPants-Javascript-SDK DrumPants-Javascript-SDK Public

    Allows you to use DrumPants sensor data in your websites.

    JavaScript 6

  4. DrumPants-Hardware-PCB DrumPants-Hardware-PCB Public

    PCB schematics and BOM for the DrumPants wearable controller

    4 1


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