Traktor-SongNameServer makes song names played by Traktor PCDJ available for many applications like CamTwist, VJ Softwares, Twitter.
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Traktor Song.qtz


includes Traktor::SongNameServer, and CamTwist "Traktor Song" plugin

日本語の説明は readme-j.txt を読んで下さい。



Traktor::SongNameServer is a kind of "fake" icecast server. It receives song names from Traktor and provides them for other applications. is a sample server launcher.

It will work with other PCDJ softwares if they send icecast streaming protocols.

a script to post song names played by Traktor to twitter. This script works as Traktor::SongNameServer server launcher. And this is a sample program to use callback mechanism of Traktor::SongNameServer.

CamTwist "Traktor Song" plugin

a CamTwist plugin to display song names played by Traktor. This plugin fetches song names from Traktor::SongNameServer by HTTP and XML. You should run it by or


running Traktor::SongNameServer by and working it with Traktor.


  1. Ensure that Traktor is configured to write to the icecast server. .

[start playing]

  1. To launch server, execute it in a terminal.
  1. Start broadcasting in Traktor's recorder panel .

  2. Start playing some songs. The song names will be shown on server terminal with 1 song delay. and You can also get song names as XML format by accessing http://localhost:8000/ .

[advanced info]

  • If you want to change server setting, open and edit .



  1. module Net::Twitter required. install it from CPAN.
  2. Access and subscribe a new application. and get 4 string tokens from the application.
  • Consumer key
  • Consumer secret
  • Access token
  • Access token secret
  1. Open and write the 4 tokens in these key-values.
  • consumer_key => '',
  • consumer_secret => '',
  • access_token => '',
  • access_token_secret => '',
  1. and change '$postfix' for your DJ show. (Event hashtag, your streaming address,...)

[start playing]

  1. Launch (instead of
  1. start broadcasting in Traktor.
  2. Start playing some songs and check terminal output and your tweets.

CamTwist "Traktor Song" plugin


  1. Install 'Traktor Song.qtz' in 'the directory CamTwist installed/Effects' or '~/Library/Application Support/CamTwist/Effects' .

[start playing]

  1. Launch
  2. Start broadcasting in Traktor.
  3. Start playing some songs and check terminal output.
  4. Launch CamTwist and add 'Traktor Song' effect and change displaying parameters.