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  • is not verified for real CD productions.

outline is an 'preprocessor' for cue2ddp from 'DDP Mastering Tools for the Command Line'.

With cue2ddp and, you can 'pre-mastering' from some audio files to a DDP fileset.

cue2ddp and 'DDP Mastering Tools for the Command Line' is created by Andreas Ruge. the tool is here .


  • Convert and concatenate audio files into one raw data.
  • Translate cue sheet commands which cue2ddp not supported. (ex. PREGAP to INDEX 00 gap)
  • Some expanded cue sheet syntax helps you. (ex. You can use floating point seconds instead of 1/75 second frames)

make, test, install

make               # just chmod script
make test          # run test
sudo make install  # install script to /usr/local/bin


$ mycd.cue
sound file created: mycd.out.bin
cue file created: mycd.out.cue
$ cue2ddp -ct -m "mycd-master-id" mycd.out.cue "mycd-ddpdirectory"

Or, auto cue2ddp execution:

$ --exec-cue2ddp mycd.cue

with --exec-cue2ddp (or -e) option, pp-cue2ddp runs cue2ddp with -ct option and generates 'master-id' and 'ddpdirectory' from cuesheet filename.

expanded cue sheet syntax

global section

  • FLAGS: when set, FLAGS are inserted after all 'TRACK's (will be summed with each track's FLAGS).
  • ALIGNFRAME: when set, each PREGAP, POSTGAP and wave data will be zero-padded to align to frames before concat. otherwise, track indexes will be moved to previous frame align.
  • PERFORMER_ALL, SONGWRITER_ALL: this value is copied to global and all tracks as PERFORMER and SONGWRITER value. overwritten by track's PERFORMER and SONGWRITER.
  • PREGAP, POSTGAP: pregap and postgap for all tracks (will be overwritten by track's PREGAP and POSTGAP).

both global and track

  • FILE: any filetypes which sox can convert are ok.

track section

  • TRACK: 'AUDIO' only allowed.
  • END: track end position in FILE.
  • INDEX: if INDEX 01 are omitted, it's set to start of FILE.
  • PREGAP, POSTGAP: supported. (they will be translated because cue2ddp not supports them)

The order of track sections will be collected by numbers.

Commands not described above are through printed to output cuesheet.

time formats

times in INDEX, PREGAP, POSTGAP and END could be 3 formats.

  • MM:SS:FF (minutes, seconds, frames(1/75 seconds))
  • MM:Seconds (minutes, seconds may be int or float)
  • Seconds (seconds may be int or float)


  • Commands after TRACK will be reordered correctly. So, you can write PREGAP after INDEX.
  • PREGAP is inserted before INDEX 00. So, 2 pregaps set by 'PREGAP' and 'from INDEX 00 to 01' are summed.


for CD pre-mastering, pp-cue2ddp is 'preprocessor' for cue2ddp from 'DDP Mastering Tools for the Command Line'.



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