Watches for file changes and rsyncs them to a remote machine.
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Syncd is a simple bash script that watches for file changes and rsyncs them to a remote machine. It uses inotify to watch for file system changes and syncs the whole directory to a remote machine using rsync. The script makes sure to aggregate change events during a running rsync, such that after the initial sync a subsequent sync can be triggered (and so on).


Right now a linux based system with inotify-tools and rsync installed is required, .e.g for ubuntu/debian based systems run

apt-get install inotify-tools rsync

For Mac OS X support could be integrated instead of inotify.


  • Clone the script in a directory of your choice, e.g.
cd ~/opt
git clone
  • Best, put syncd in your $PATH, for example by running:
cd syncd
sudo ln -s $PWD/syncd /usr/local/bin/syncd


  • Copy the syncd.conf file to the directory you want to sync, or in some of its parent directories and adapt it your needs.
  • Run "syncd start" in any directory below of the directory holding your syncd.conf file to start the daemon script.
  • By default, the script will create a file for tracking the daemon process ID and a .syncd.log file to which the rsync output will be written.
  • Arguments known are the ones known from initd scripts (start,stop,restart,status) as well as "run" for manually triggering a rsync and "log" for checking the rsync output.


Wolfgang Ziegler,, drunomics GmbH