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A metapackage to retrieve the dev dependencies of core
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This project is for use with a Composer-managed Drupal site. This project is only needed to run the Drupal test suite on the site. Most sites probably do not need to use this project.


This project does not require drupal/core, nor does it have any conflict statements for any version of drupal/core. These constraints were omitted to avoid causing problems for sites trying to upgrade their version of drupal/core. The consequence of this decision is that the version of drupal/dev-dependencies might differ from the version of drupal/core installed. Generally speaking, it should be okay to run a newer version of drupal/dev-dependencies than drupal/core. Using a newer version of drupal/core might not work, though, as it is possible that new test dependencies may have been added.


This project is derived from the original community project webflo/drupal-core-require-dev. It was generated from tools derived from webflo/package-generator-drupal and webflo/package-generator.

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