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import yaml
import json
import time
import requests
import paho.mqtt.client as mqtt
Structure of bttn_client.yaml:
'api_key': ' API KEY'
'bttn_id': ' ID'
'sleep_time': 10
* The sleep time defines the polling frequency in seconds
* The api_key and the bttn_id can be found in the web interface
configFile = file('bttn_client.yaml', 'r')
config = yaml.load(configFile)
#Connect to mqtt client on localhost
client = mqtt.Client()
prev_timestamp = time.time()
while 1:
resp = requests.get(""+config['bttn_id']+"/feed?limit=1&after="+str(prev_timestamp), headers={'X-Api-Key':config['api_key']})
print resp_json['address'][0]
print resp_json['events']
if resp_json['events']:
mqtt_payload='{"UniqueIdentifier":"' + resp_json['address'][0] + '"}'
client.publish("/opentrigger/signals/trigger", mqtt_payload)
prev_timestamp = time.time()