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Check (and fix) your code against Drupal's code conventions and coding standard.
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Drupal conventions

This tool will check your code against Drupal's coding standard.

It's based on GrumPHP and comes with a default configuration tailored for Drupal development.

The following checks are triggered:

Drupal 7 and 8 are supported.


composer require --dev drupol/drupal-conventions

If you're not using GrumPHP

Manually add to your composer.json file:

Drupal 8

    "extra": {
        "grumphp": {
            "config-default-path": "vendor/drupol/drupal-conventions/config/drupal8/grumphp.yml"

Drupal 7

    "extra": {
        "grumphp": {
            "config-default-path": "vendor/drupol/drupal-conventions/config/drupal7/grumphp.yml"

If you're using GrumPHP already

Edit the file grumphp.yml.dist or grumphp.yml and add on the top it:

Drupal 8

  - { resource: vendor/drupol/drupal-conventions/config/drupal8/grumphp.yml }

Drupal 7

  - { resource: vendor/drupol/drupal-conventions/config/drupal7/grumphp.yml }

To add an extra Grumphp task:

  - { resource: vendor/drupol/drupal-conventions/config/drupal7/grumphp.yml }

      always_execute: false

In conjunction with extra_tasks, use skip_tasks to skip tasks if needed.


Feel free to contribute to this library by sending Github pull requests. I'm quite reactive :-)

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