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UppercuT - Professional builds in moments, not days!
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Project UppercuT - Builds in Seconds, Not Days



Apache 2.0 - see docs/legal (just LEGAL in the zip folder)


NOTE: If you are looking at the source - please run build.bat before opening the solution. It creates the SolutionVersion.cs file that is necessary for a successful build.



UppercuT is automated .NET build framework that is templated NAnt with conventions. UppercuT is the insanely easy to use build framework.

It seeks to solve both maintenance concerns and ease of build to help you concentrate on what you really want to do: write code. Upgrading the build should take seconds, not hours. And that is where UppercuT will beat any other automated build system hands down.
UppercuT uses conventions and has a simple configuration file for you to edit. Getting from zero to build takes literally less than five minutes. If you are still writing your own build scripts, you are working too hard.

UppercuT is extremely powerful because it is customizable and extendable. Every step of the build process is customizable with a pre, post and replace hook.

UppercuT is not a build server, but it integrates nicely with CruiseControl.NET, TeamCity, Hudson, etc.

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Getting started with UppercuT


You can download UppercuT from

You can also obtain a copy from the build server at


If you have Ruby 1.8.6+ (and Gems 1.3.7+) installed, you can get the current release of UppercuT to your machine the fastest!

  1. Type 'gem install uppercutbuild'
  2. At the top level directory (trunk or branch name) type 'uppercutbuild init' for bringing in uppercut for the first time or 'uppercutbuild upgrade' if you already uppercut and are just wanting to upgrade the build folder.


This is the best way to get to the bleeding edge of what we are doing.

  1. Clone the source down to your machine. git clone git://
  2. Type cd uppercut
  3. Type git config core.autocrlf false to set line endings to auto convert for this repository
  4. Type git status. You should not see any files to change.
  5. Run build.bat. NOTE: You must have git on the path (open a regular command line and type git).


  • .NET Framework 3.5
  • source control on the command line and in PATH environment variable - svn for Subversion / tf for TFS / git for Git


Donations Accepted - If you enjoy using this product or it has saved you time and money in some way, please consider making a donation.
It helps keep to the product updated, pays for site hosting, etc.



  • Adding in support for xUnit.
  • Adding in support for StorEvil.


  • Fixed a bug with path to solution no longer being respected at v1 after Linux patch. (361)
  • Upgraded Mono Migration Analyzer to v2.6 (360)


  • Default versioning follows the old scheme. Semantic versioning is accomplished by adding this to your config file: (r357)
  • Gem building failure will not fail the build. (r357)
  • UppercuT reported version fix. (r357)


  • UppercuT has an option to use the old versioning as well. You need to add this to your config file: (r354)
  • Linux fixes for opening items (from Svein Ackenhausen) (r355)


  • UppercuT now uses semantic versioning See for details. You need to add this to your config file: (r351)
  • UppercuT now builds on Linux (patch from Svein Ackenhausen). (r350)
  • Non multi targeting now works like it did before any of this multitargeting started. (r348)


  • Fixed general compile issues related to multi-targeting changes from last release (r346)
  • Gems by default are now versioned with datestamp on the end (YYYYMMDD) (r342)
  • Changed the default test framework to NUnit. (r340)
  • Changed 'uppercutbuild install to 'uppercutbuild init' (r339)


  • ILMerge is now a step of the build process. Please check the configuration for the new setting. (r337)
  • UppercuT now has the command 'uppercutbuild upgrade'. (r336)
  • Zip will not include the gems folder. (r334)
  • UppercuT (through gems) can copy UppercuT to a solution directory by issuing 'uppercutbuild install' at the top level directory (trunk or branch name). (r333)


  • Now supports building gems - see for details. (r328)
  • The version hash for SVN and TFS should just use version.revision. (r321)
  • General fix - when a step of the build process fails the build, any extensions or custom tasks related to it should also fail the build. (r319)



  • Added a framework switch for NUnit - handling .NET 4.0 Support (r305)
  • handles HG versioning (r304)
  • Nitriq support. Please check for a new setting in the config. (r302)
  • NUnit default is now 2.5.5. (r300)
  • CLS Compliance is now an opt in setting. Please check for a new setting in the config. (r299)


  • .NET 4.0 Support (r296)
  • Fixed a bug with property setting in tfs.step (r293)
  • Uppercut now houses it's assemblies in the build folder. Please ensure you compare your NAnt folder and remove the assemblies that are no longer there if upgrading (r292)



  • Mercurial (HG) support for versioning (r282)


  • Enhanced Git Versioning to better work with Hudson (r272)


  • Adding the ability to use PowerShell to write custom tasks. To run powershell - you need to set unrestricted if you are not going to sign the scripts. Because this possibly exposes a possible security hole, it is turned off by default. There is a property (allow.powershell.unrestricted) you can set to true in the Uppercut.config file. Look in the external tools section for the setting. (r266)
  • Adding the ability to use Ruby to write custom tasks. (r265)
  • Enhanced support of Git versioning on TeamCity. (r263)
  • Fixed a small bug in NAnt related to running .NET 4.0. (r262)
  • DocBuilder will do both .template and .xml now. (r247)


  • Fixed - Git versioning had an issue with creating the initial tag for versioning - see for details (r243)
  • Zip nows versions the zip file name by default. Check your You may need to remove or change (r240)
  • Support for .NET 4.0 beta2 has been added. (r238)


  • UppercuT supports Git for versioning - The numbering system is branch specific.
  • Added ILMERGE tasks to the samples
  • Code is now built to a folder under build_output. This is the same folder it goes to under code_drop, so in the case of uppercut, build_output\UppercuT\ instead of just build_output.
    • BREAKING CHANGE: For your custom tasks, you may need to make changes.


see docs/legal/CREDITS (just LEGAL/Credits in the zip folder)

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