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a simple VS solution templater
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Warmup - From Zero to a Solution w/everything in seconds. Your templates, your choices.


Apache 2.0 - see docs\legal (just LEGAL in the zip folder)


NOTE: If you are looking at the source - please run build.bat before opening the solution. It creates the SolutionVersion.cs file that is necessary for a successful build.



Warmup allows you to define templates for entire projects and change them as technology changes and you learn new things. The templates are kept in source control. Both SVN and Git are supported places to keep your templates.

Getting started with Warmup

in the location you wan the new solution to reside run: [warmuppath]warmup.exe [template] [newSolutionName] ensure that the warmup.exe.config has the correct path to your templates


You can download the original Warmup from You can download this fork of Warmup from

### Gems
If you have Ruby 1.8.6+ (and Gems 1.3.7+) installed, you can get the current release of WarmuP to your machine the fastest!

  1. Type 'gem install warmup'
  2. Then from anywhere you can type 'warmup '


This is the best way to get to the bleeding edge of what we are doing.

  1. Clone the source down to your machine.
    git clone git://
  2. Run build.bat. NOTE: You must have git on the path (open a regular command line and type git).


  • .NET Framework 3.5


Donations Accepted - If you enjoy using this product or it has saved you time and money in some way, please consider making a donation (to the original author!).

It helps keep to the product updated, pays for site hosting, etc.



see legal\CREDITS

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