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Drush is built by people like you! Please join us.

Git and Pull requests

  • Contributions are submitted, reviewed, and accepted using Github pull requests. Read this article for some details. We use the Fork and Pull model, as described there.
  • To help keep track of your assigned issues, simply open an issue to be added as an Outside Collaborator. A maintainer can now assign any issue to you at your request.
  • The latest changes are in the master branch.
  • Make a new branch for every feature you're working on.
  • Try to make clean commits that are easily readable (including descriptive commit messages!)
  • Test before you push. Get familiar with Unish, our test suite. See the test-specific
  • Make small pull requests that are easy to review but make sure they do add value by themselves.
  • We maintain branches named 7.x, 6.x, etc. These are release branches. From these branches, we make new tags for patch and minor versions.

Coding style

  • Do write comments. You don't have to comment every line, but if you come up with something thats a bit complex/weird, just leave a comment. Bear in mind that you will probably leave the project at some point and that other people will read your code. Undocumented huge amounts of code are nearly worthless!
  • We use Drupal's coding standards.
  • Don't overengineer. Don't try to solve any possible problem in one step, but try to solve problems as easy as possible and improve the solution over time!
  • Do generalize sooner or later! (if an old solution, quickly hacked together, poses more problems than it solves today, refactor it!)
  • Keep it compatible. Do not introduce changes to the public API, or configurations too lightly. Don't make incompatible changes without good reasons!


  • The docs are in the docs and examples folders in the git repository, so people can easily find the suitable docs for the current git revision. You can read these from within Drush, with the drush topic command.
  • Documentation should be kept up-to-date. This means, whenever you add a new API method, add a new hook or change the database model, pack the relevant changes to the docs in the same pull request.