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Drush can be run in your shell by typing "drush" from within your project root directory or anywhere within Drupal.

$ drush [options] <command> [argument1] [argument2]

Use the 'help' command to get a list of available options and commands:

$ drush help

For even more documentation, use the 'topic' command:

$ drush topic

Using the --uri option and --root options.

For multi-site installations, use a site alias or the --uri option to target a particular site.

$ drush --uri= pm:enable

If you are outside the Composer project and not using a site alias, you need to specify --root and --uri for Drush to locate and bootstrap the right Drupal site.

Site Aliases

Drush lets you run commands on a remote server. Once defined, aliases can be referenced with the @ nomenclature, i.e.

# Run pending updates on staging site.
$ drush @staging updatedb
# Synchronize staging files to production
$ drush rsync @staging:%files/ @live:%files
# Synchronize database from production to local, excluding the cache table
$ drush sql:sync --structure-tables-key=custom @live @self

See for more information.