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Drush's test suite is based on PHPUnit. In order to maintain high quality, our tests are run on every push by Travis


  1. Review the configuration settings in tests/phpunit.xml.dist. If customization is needed, copy to phpunit.xml and edit away.
  2. Build the Site Under Test: unish.sut.php
  3. Run test suite: unish.phpunit.php

Advanced usage

  • Run only tests matching a regex: unish.phpunit.php --filter=testVersionString
  • Skip slow tests (usually those with network usage): unish.phpunit.php --exclude-group slow
  • XML results: unish.phpunit.php --filter=testVersionString --log-junit results.xml
  • Build the SUT and run test suite (slower) - unish.clean.php
  • Install the SUT in a given folder - UNISH_TMP=/path/to/folder php unish.sut.php