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weitzman commented May 1, 2015

Drush attempts to offer an alternative Simpletest runner, mimicking what Drupal's scripts/ offers. Alas hardly anyone keeps it up to date and it has fallen behind for Drupal 8 (can't run phpunit based tests). I propose to remove this script in Drush 7. Others who care can maintain it in Contrib or on Github. Note that also returns results in junit xml.



No objection here. I think it is better to have just one way to run the tests. I think that the Drupal Simpletests are already too fragile--maintaining a parallel runner does not improve the situation, and adds uncertainty.


+1 for removing it.

@weitzman weitzman closed this in b765d33 May 5, 2015
arildm commented Jun 17, 2015

Any chance we can restore test-clean? It was helpful.


Sorry, no. Use scripts/ in drupal.


that means, i cannot use drush 7.x to run simpletests under drupal6, right?

zikphil commented Oct 29, 2015

Sadly, does not let you export test result using --xml='path'. Which makes it that much harder to get a proper CI analysis.


@philippelabat - I hit the same wall as you, but came to realise does support xml exports, it is just not documented in the script arguments.

See line 145 of

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