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@weitzman weitzman released this
· 117 commits to 7.x since this release
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  • Boris shell. Boris is a REPL shell for your Drupal site. Finally, you can do quick experiments in the shell in a bootstrapped Drupal site.
  • Refactored sql-sync. Sql-sync has been internally refactored for easier maintenance. The new version has the advantage that you can now sync between two remote sites.
  • Make. Make files can now be yaml, in addition to the traditional ini format. In addition, we added a make-convert command to convert from ini format to yaml. A new make-update command resolves the specifications in your makefile to actual versions, similar to a Composer .lock file. This is useful when you need to re-make a codebase. Shorthand introduced for download urls.


  • Drush Docs recently launched. It automatically updates anytime we commit to Github
  • Drush Commands is a nifty command help viewer


Drupal 8

Drush 7 is not compatible with Drupal 8. If you try to run Drush7 with Drupal 8, you get a message suggesting that you install from the master branch, or as Composer likes to call it, dev-master. There you will find all our terrific commands for managing Views, Config, Migrations, State, etc.