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chef-solo.rb sources.

Quick start

  1. Install
  2. Clone this repo
  3. Run vagrant up
  4. Run vagrant ssh
  5. cd to /vagrant/app and start hacking!

You can edit /vagrant contents from the VM or from your own host. The changes are mirrored.

How everything is configured

nginx is a http proxy. Inside the VM, it proxies 80 => 3000 port. You can start your app by running bin/ from /vagrant/app. It listens to 3000 port and doesn't detach from the terminal.

Port 80 from VM proxies to port 3000 on your localhost. So, after starting VM using vagrant up, you can access nginx by going to http://localhost:3000 in your browser.

We'll configure the dancer app to start as a service later.

How to reconfigure the environment

You can install new packages in the VM using sudo apt-get install ..., as usual.

The VM contents is configured with Chef. So you should also share your configuration with other users by editing cookbooks/play-perl/recipes/default.rb file.

To add a new debian package to chef configuration, just add a package 'PACKAGE_NAME' line to the default.rb recipe. To add an arbitrary imperative initialization code, use a bash block:

bash "restart nginx" do
  code <<-EOH

If someone else has edited the recipe, you can run vagrant reload to restart the VM and redeploy the chef configuration.