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My startpage.

alt tag

Do whatever you want with this.

The basic steps are as follows:

  1. Clone this repo
  2. Edit index.html to have the links you want.
  3. set it as your homepage.
  4. if youre on firefox you can also set it to be the newtab by:
  5. type in about:config in the url bar
  6. search for newtaburl
  7. change the value to be the path to the index.html
  8. disable any addons that my interfere with newtabs.

To change the picture used as a bg in index.pixel.html:

  1. save whatever picture you want to use to the same directory as index.html
  2. edit index.html and change the line: img src="rocket.png" id="bg" alt=""
  3. edit rocket.png to be the name of the picture you want to use.