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Nashpy: a python library for 2 player games.

Nashpy is:


Full documentation is available here:


$ python -m pip install nashpy

To install Nashpy on Fedora, use:

$ dnf install python3-nashpy


Create bi matrix games by passing two 2 dimensional arrays/lists:

>>> import nashpy as nash
>>> A = [[1, 2], [3, 0]]
>>> B = [[0, 2], [3, 1]]
>>> game = nash.Game(A, B)
>>> for eq in game.support_enumeration():
...     print(eq)
(array([1., 0.]), array([0., 1.]))
(array([0., 1.]), array([1., 0.]))
(array([0.5, 0.5]), array([0.5, 0.5]))
>>> game[[0, 1], [1, 0]]
array([3, 3])

Other game theoretic software

  • Gambit is a library with a python api and support for more algorithms and more than 2 player games.
  • Game theory explorer a web interface to gambit useful for teaching.
  • Axelrod a research library aimed at the study of the Iterated Prisoners dilemma


Clone the repository and create a virtual environment:

$ git clone
$ cd nashpy
$ python -m venv env

Activate the virtual environment and install tox:

$ source env/bin/activate
$ python -m pip install tox

Make modifications.

To run the tests:

$ python -m tox

To build the documentation. First install the software which also installs the documentation build requirements.

$ python -m pip install flit
$ python -m flit install --symlink


$ cd docs
$ make html

Full contribution documentation is available at

Pull requests are welcome.

Code of conduct

In the interest of fostering an open and welcoming environment, all contributors, maintainers and users are expected to abide by the Python code of conduct: