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# v0.0.17
Minor edit to documentation.
# v0.0.16
Minor edit to documentation.
@@ -8,11 +8,12 @@ one described in [Nisan2007]_.
The algorithm is as follows:
For a nondegenerate 2 player game :math:`(A, B)\in{\mathbb{R}^{m\times n}}^2`
For a degenerate 2 player game :math:`(A, B)\in{\mathbb{R}^{m\times n}}^2`
the following algorithm returns all nash equilibria:
1. For all :math:`1\leq k\leq \min(m, n)`;
2. For all pairs of support :math:`(I, J)` with :math:`|I|=|J|=k`
1. For all :math:`1\leq k_1\leq m` and :math:`1\leq k_2\leq n`;
2. For all pairs of support :math:`(I, J)` with :math:`|I|=k_1` and
3. Solve the following equations (this ensures we have best responses):
.. math::
@@ -37,8 +38,9 @@ Discussion
1. Step 1 is a complete enumeration of all possible strategies that the
equilibria could be.
2. Step 2 is based on the definition of a non degenerate game which ensures that
equilibria will be on supports of the same size.
2. Step 2 can be modified to only consider degenerate games ensuring that only
supports of equal size are considered :math:`|I|=|J|`. This is described
further in :ref:`degenerate-games`.
3. Step 3 are the linear equations that are to be solved, for a given pair of
supports these ensure that neither player has an incentive to move to another
strategy on that support.
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__version__ = "0.0.16"
__version__ = "0.0.17"

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