A LaTeX tutorial based on a set of minimal examples.
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LaTeX: A tutorial based on a set of minimal examples.

This is the source code for a single page website tutorial on the use of LaTeX.

There are two use cases for this material:

  • Work through the entire tutorial sequentially;
  • Use a specific chapter as is necessary: the fact that this is a single page website makes it searchable.

Source materials

The source materials for the course can be found in assets/tex which for each chapter (usually) contains:

  • main.md: a markdown file that describes the concept;
  • main.tex: a latex file showing a minimal example of a given concept.

Building the site

The single page site is built using Python. A conda environment file containing all requirements is included: environment.yml.

To create the environment:

$ conda env create -f environment.yml

To build the site:

$ source activate tch-tex
$ inv main

Note this requires latexmk to be available: it will build all main.tex files included.

This build process is run by travis.ci which ensures that all provided examples compile.