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Lid Open: Nothing
Button Press: Create VM (each press)
Lid Close: Nuke all VMs created by the above button press(es)

Most notably about this script is the lack of usage of ruby's openstack module. This is due to the fact that it doesn't support network definition and if a tenant has more than 1 network, the APIs don't "find" a default network and simply die. The nova bash client, however, allows for specifying the network ID. As such, this is what I defaulted to. Eventually, I may port this over to use the v3 OpenStack APIs, but until then, the nova bash CLI is easy/low effort.

Another thing to note: you can't slam the button like an idiot due to the lack of parallelized VM creation. You must give the app a moment or two to actually submit the VM creation request before giving it another whack. Same goes for the lid closure action.

Finally, this module logs to syslog, so you can get a little bit of insight in your syslog log file (/var/log/messages or /var/log/syslog most likely).