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Git hooks to assist puppet module development. Client side hooks allow for various checks before commits are staged. Server side hooks are provided for infrastructural reinforcement of various standardization compliances.

Current supported pre-commit (client side) checks

  • Puppet manifest syntax
  • Puppet epp template syntax
  • Erb template syntax
  • Puppet-lint
  • Rspec-puppet
  • Yaml (hiera data) syntax
  • r10k puppetfile syntax

Current supported pre-receive (server side) checks

  • Puppet manifest syntax
  • Puppet epp template syntax
  • Erb template syntax
  • Ruby syntax
  • Puppet-lint
  • Yaml (hiera data) syntax

Installing dependencies

You can install all required dependencies with bundler. List of dependencies you will find in Gemfile. By default it installs puppet in version 3.8.6, if you wish, change it to one, which you use. To install run bundler inside your checkout:

bundle install


In your git repository you can symlink the pre-commit file from this repository to the .git/hooks/pre-commit of your repository you want to implement this feature.

$ ln -s /path/to/this/repo/puppet-git-hooks/pre-commit .git/hooks/pre-commit

If you are using git submodules this can be achieved by getting the gitdir from the .git file in your submodule and symlinking to that gitdir location/

$ cat .git
$ ln -s /path/to/this/repo/puppet-git-hooks/pre-commit ../path/to/git/dir/from/previous/command/hooks/pre-commit


usage: deploy-git-hook -d /path/to/git/repository [-a] [-c] [-r] [-u]

-h            this help screen
-d path       install the hooks to the specified path
-a            deploy pre-commit and pre-receive hooks
-c            deploy only the pre-commit hook
-r            deploy only the pre-receive hook
-u            deploy only the post-update hook
-g            enable to install in Git Lab repo custom_hooks

returns status code of 0 for success, otherwise, failure


  1. to install pre-commit and pre-receive the hooks to foo git repo:
deploy-git-hook -d /path/to/foo -a
  1. to install only the pre-commit hook to bar git repo:
deploy-git-hook -d /path/to/bar -c
  1. to install only the pre-commit and pre-receive hook to foobar git repo:
deploy-git-hook -d /path/to/foobar -c -r

In a wrapper

You can call from your own custom pre-commit. This allows you to combine these with your own checks.

For example, if you've cloned this repo to ~/.puppet-git-hooks

The .git/hooks/pre-commit with your puppet code might look like this:


# my_other_checks

# puppet-git-hooks
if [ -e ~/.puppet-git-hooks/pre-commit ]; then

Additionally you can call pre-commit script with two options -s and -a. First one silence standard informations, which file is currently being checked. Second one allow you to check whole repo, not only files changed locally.


You can set configuration options in commit_hooks/config.cfg This file is sourced by the pre-commit/receive hooks.

Current options:

  • USE_PUPPET_FUTURE_PARSER (only used by Puppet < 4)
  • UNSET_RUBY_ENV (for GitLab users)


We are still looking for additional maintainers. Please contact me via github issue if you are interested in helping maintain this project. Thank you!