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Indent subsequent rows of HTTP security headers by two spaces

When printing a long HTTP security header, this commit causes every row after the first one to be indented by two additional spaces. In the case of very long headers, this extra indentation makes it a little easier for readers to see where the next security header begins.
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dcooper16 committed Dec 3, 2019
1 parent 725fdc1 commit 0b94a146148bed3abfa4b700e1d12865c77b3401
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@@ -3050,8 +3050,8 @@ run_security_headers() {
# Include $header when determining where to insert line breaks, but print $header
# separately.
pr_svrty_good "$header"
header_output="$(out_row_aligned_max_width "$header $HEADERVALUE" "$spaces" $TERM_WIDTH)"
outln "${header_output#$header}"
header_output="$(out_row_aligned_max_width "${header:2} $HEADERVALUE" "$spaces " $TERM_WIDTH)"
outln "${header_output#${header:2}}"
fileout "$header" "OK" "$HEADERVALUE"

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