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Add new openssl helper binaries for Linux and FreeBSD

.. based on

plus the patch fedora-dirk-ipv6.patch applied.

In addition to Peter Mosman's branch the brauch and as a result the binaries
contain following additional STARTTLS features: LMTP, NNTP, IRC .

See also #741, #559, #1093, #179
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drwetter committed Jan 18, 2019
1 parent 5c74af3 commit 7ffd46447ac32c3b5943620e5f773294aba4f8d1
BIN +12.2 KB (100%) bin/openssl.FreeBSD.amd64
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BIN +4.06 KB (100%) bin/openssl.Linux.i686
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BIN +8.16 KB (100%) bin/openssl.Linux.x86_64
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