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Allow TLS12_CIPHER to be changed

In some rare cases a server does not support any of the ciphers in $TLS12_CIPHER, but does support at least one cipher in $TLS12_CIPHER_2ND_TRY. In such cases, TLS12_CIPHER should be changed to $TLS12_CIPHER_2ND_TRY so that subsequent tests using $TLS12_CIPHER will succeed.
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dcooper16 committed Mar 13, 2019
1 parent da2beb4 commit 80a725541bd5b764a82ce7580274f37159386233
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@@ -8,7 +8,7 @@ readonly TLS13_CIPHER="
13,01, 13,02, 13,03, 13,04, 13,05"

# 123 standard cipher + 4x GOST for TLS 1.2 and SPDY/NPN HTTP2/ALPN
readonly TLS12_CIPHER="
declare TLS12_CIPHER="
c0,30, c0,2c, c0,28, c0,24, c0,14, c0,0a, 00,9f, 00,6b,
00,39, 00,9d, 00,3d, 00,35, c0,2f, c0,2b, c0,27, c0,23,
c0,13, c0,09, 00,9e, 00,67, 00,33, 00,9c, 00,3c, 00,2f,

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