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Fix to-be-expired-soon certificate

The certificate from was about to expire
which raises a MEDIUM type issue in testssl.

This commit does a workaround for this, so that those certificates
will be ok in Travis CI.

(Same problem exists in 2.9.5)
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drwetter committed Jun 13, 2018
1 parent b6cc01a commit d23241b8cd46dc5bf4bd94e9cd9a97d7a23f0e24
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@@ -39,16 +39,15 @@ is($found,1,"We had a finding for this in the JSON output"); $tests++;
# Self signed and not-expired
pass("Running testssl against"); $tests++;
$out = `./ -S --jsonfile tmp.json --color 0`;
like($out, qr/Certificate Validity \(UTC\)\s+\d+/,"The certificate should not be expired"); $tests++;
unlike($out, qr/Certificate Validity \(UTC\)s+expired/,"The certificate should not be expired"); $tests++;
$json = json('tmp.json');
unlink 'tmp.json';
$found = 0;
foreach my $f ( @$json ) {
if ( $f->{id} eq "cert_expiration_status" ) {
$found = 1;
like($f->{finding},qr/days/,"Finding doesn't read expired."); $tests++;
# hope they don't come below 60days:
is($f->{severity}, "OK", "Severity should be ok"); $tests++;
isnt($f->{severity}, "HIGH", "Severity should be OK or MEDIUM"); $tests++;

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