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@drwetter drwetter released this Nov 30, 2018 · 136 commits to 2.9dev since this release

This is the third release candidate of 3.0 to reflect the recent changes. All distributors and others who use it also for production-like environment are encouraged to switch to this branch as 2.9.5 won't be supported anymore once 3.0 has been released: Bug fixing will take place only here.

Changes, TL;DR:

  • add SSLv2 ciphers *total ciphers now being tested for: 370)
  • updated client simulation data
  • TLS 1.3 improvements
  • STARTTLS NNTP support
  • STARTTLS XMPP faster and more reliable
  • include DH groups (primes) in pfs section
  • Fix TCP fragmentation under remaining OS: FreeBSD / Mac OS X
  • further bugfixes and clarifications

Please note that if you're using the program for a paid or free public service you need mention where you got this program from.

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