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This is the fourth release candidate of 3.0 to reflect changes. All distributors and others who use it also for production-like environment are encouraged to switch to this branch as 2.9.5 won't be supported anymore once 3.0 has been released: Bug fixing will take place here only.

We take robustness seriously. This release contains bug fixes mostly.

For all changes, use git log.

Changes, TL;DR:

Documentation fixes and additions 
Add new openssl helper binaries (except Darwin 64Bit, see 
Bug fix: Scan continues if one of multiple IP addresses per hostname has a problem 
"eTLS" detection ("visibility information")
Minimize initial warning "doesn't seem to be a TLS/SSL enabled server" by using sockets
Several improvement for SSLv2 only servers
Handle different cipher preference < TLS 1.3 vs. TLS 1.3
Clarify & improve Standard Cipher check (potentially breaking change)
Improve SWEET32 test
Finding certificates is faster and independent on openssl 

This program is licensed under GPLv2. Please note also that if you're using the program for a paid or free public service you need mention where you got this program from.

If you like this program we would appreciate donations (see or just saying "Thank you"

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