Bug reporting

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How to report bugs

Found a bug. Good -- yes, seriously! In the end it'll make testssl.sh better.

Needed info:

  1. testssl version from the banner (testssl.sh -b 2>/dev/null | head -4 | tail -2)
  2. target IP
  3. testssl.sh command line
  4. openssl version used (testssl.sh -b 2>/dev/null | head -16 | tail -3)
  5. Your operating system (uname -a)
  6. what was happening (output is needed)
  7. what did you expect ?

Internal IPs are not useful as the bug likely can't be reproduced.

If you're hesitant to publicly advertise the target IP address, please use my mail address in the script (grep SWCONTACT testssl.sh). Please file a bug @ github anyway, just omit the IP address.

Without those information I'll likely close the issue.

If you want to debug yourself or want to provide more info see https://github.com/drwetter/testssl.sh/wiki/Findings-and-HowTo-Fix-them

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