A Django app for creating and displaying timelines of events
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This is a Django app for creating hcalendar compliant timelines. There are no requirements other than Django (though it's only been tested with 1.3). If you're using the staticfiles app, running ./manage.py collectstatic will gather the necessary CSS and JavaScript; otherwise you'll need to copy the contents of static into your MEDIA_URL. By default an included library is used to display the data (with a simple list view for browsers without scripting enabled). If you prefer a different library, just override the templates.

If you have django-tinymce installed, the description fields will use that in the admin. If you're using django-grappelli and want to use it's bundled tinymce editor, add the following to your settings:

    ADMIN_MEDIA_PREFIX + 'tinymce/jscripts/tiny_mce/tiny_mce.js',
    STATIC_URL + 'js/tinymce_setup.js', # this should point to your customized tinymce_setup.js (a sample is included in static/tinymce_setup.sample.js)

If you have djangoembed installed, an oembed provider is included and an iframe embed code will display on the timeline detail page.